South Heidelberg Township’s annual budgets are approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to the budget year and are available for review.

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Monthly Treasurer’s Report

The Township Treasurer’s Report displays the end of month balances for both General and Dedicated Funds.  The report also provides information relating to payroll and bill payments from the various Township Funds.

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The Board of Supervisors appoints a certified public accounting firm to conduct an annual audit of the Township’s financials.  The annual audit is conducting using generally accepted accounting practices.

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Budget to Actual Reports

The Township conducts a monthly Financial Review Meeting involving a Township Supervisor and members of the Township Management Team including the Township Manager, Police Chief and Public Works Manager.  The purpose of the meeting is to review budget to actual reports relating to revenues and expenditures to ensure fiscal responsibility and proper use of tax payer monies.  

Most Recent Budget to Actual Report (PDF)