Fire & Ambulance

  1. Western Berks Fire Department
  2. Western Berks Ambulance

Governance & Financial Information

The Western Berks Fire Department is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of the following representatives:

  • One elected official from each of the municipalities served by the department (4)
  • One fire department member who lives in each of the municipalities served by the department (4)
  • The appointed fire commissioner of the department (ex-officio trustee)
  • One recording secretary; one treasurer; and one solicitor

Planning & Administration

The purpose of a strategic plan is to define an organization's strategy or direction and to assist in making decisions on allocating its resources in order to accomplish the strategy.  Through the process of developing a strategic plan, the following secondary tasks are identified, developed, and documented in the final project;

  • Understanding and applying the values of the organization
  • Developing the mission of the organization
  • Assessing the challenges and opportunities of the external environment
  • Assessing the weaknesses and strengths of the internal environment
  • Identifying the strategic issues faced by the organization
  • Creating strategic goals for the strategic issues
  • Creating the organization's ideal future through proactive futureing