Payment Options

Pay Your Sewer Bill Online

South Heidelberg Township Municipal Authority offers online bill pay for your sewer bill.  Customers can pay via e-check/ACH, debit or credit card. Customers paying via ACH/e-check will be charged a fee of $1.05.  Customer paying via debit or credit cards will be charged a fee of 2.95% of your total bill.  Fees will be assessed as part of the transaction and cover the costs of processing the payments made online.

To pay your sewer bill online you will need your account number as well as your pin number.  These numbers are located on your sewer bill.  The South Heidelberg Township Municipal Authority has created instructions to help customers pay bills online.  To proceed with online bill pay you can click on the "pay sewer bill online" button below which will take you to our online bill pay site.  

Online Sewer Bill Pay

By Mail

Make sewer checks payable to: S.H.T.M.A.

Send payments by mail to:
Municipal Authority of South Heidelberg
P.O. BOX 816  Ithaca, NY 14851

In Office

555A Mountain Home Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Payment Method

  • Cash, Check, or Money Order