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Posted on: April 26, 2021

April 2021 Spotlight - John & Helen Croft


For April 2021, the Spotlight is on John and Helen Croft.  John and Helen Croft are the owners of Greystone Manor Alpacas and moved to South Heidelberg Township in 1988 after finding their "dream home" by chance during a drive around Berks County with his family.  

On Moving to South Heidelberg Township

"John has always been a hard worker and usually worked 6 out of the 7 days of the week. So, on Sunday if the weather was nice, we would load the kids into the car and drive around Berks County taking in the sights and enjoying our time together as a family.  On one of those Sunday drives we happened to drive past an old stone farmhouse with a small “For Sale by Owner” sign in the window.  We had always talked about our love for old stone homes and small farms and the desire to maybe someday be able to call one “home”. We jotted down the telephone # from the sign, made the call and made the deal. The stone farmhouse & 16 acres was ours!!"

On Raising Alpacas

"At Greystone Manor Alpacas we raise the Huacaya breed of alpaca. We primarily raise them for their fleece, also called fiber, which is soft as cashmere and warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool. Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, so most people who cannot wear wool items can wear Alpaca."

On Living in South Heidelberg Township

"What we love most about South Heidelberg Township is that you feel like you are living in the country but you are only a short car ride away from stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. We also love the fact that the Township is becoming more community related.  It is so important in this day and age of electronics, to do things to encourage people to get outside, come together and do things as a community."

You can follow Greystone Manor Alpacas on Facebook for information and upcoming events John and Helen have planned. The Township is very proud to have the Spotlight on John and Helen Croft for April!

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