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Posted on: September 29, 2020

September Spotlight - Marsha Barth

Marsha Barth

For September, the Spotlight is on Marsha Barth.  Marsha has been a South Heidelberg Township resident for the past 35 years and moved to the Township in 1985 with her husband Mike and two Children Michael Jr. and Jennifer.  Marsha is the former owner of Stouchburg Nursery and also is an accomplished Author, Advocate and Speaker.  

On Our South Heidelberg Community

"One of the things that I have always loved about our community is that there is a strength and unity among our residents, which always overrides our differences. It causes us to rise up and come together as one voice when faced with oppositions that would dare threaten the safety and lifestyle of our community. We are truly a great community!"

On Serving Others

"Mike and I have always cared about our community...Through the years it was my desire to reach out to those in the community who had lost their way".  I started by doing a little DJ work on a local radio station, and then began to visit the prisons. Here is where my heart found the broken of the broken. Never excusing them from their accountability, I began to teach a course that I developed called “Victim to Victor”

On Her Works as an Author and Advocate

"I expanded the work that I was doing by writing my own true story and having two books published; "The Shattering-'A Child's Innocence Betrayed'" and "The Shattering II-'Breaking the Silence'". I began to reach out into advocacy work and expanded my venues further. I have now spoken and continue to speak in prisons throughout the country, both to women and men, from county, re-entry, to maximum security, and for crime impact classes. I travel and speak at various recovery and addiction facilities across the country. I have spoken for the state of PA at state functions; for the state's PCAR-Vision of Hope, for Luzerne County's Child Advocacy, for Nat'l Child Abuse Month, and for the state's CVAP-Nat'l Victim's week at the Capitol in Harrisburg. I was able to personally give my first book to Governor Wolf; meet the wonderful former Governor's wife and strong advocate for children, Michelle Ridge; and many other Congressmen and women and State Senators. I have spoken to the MD State Social Services and foster parents. I have also spoken to College Criminology and Psychology students in WV, and for the University of Hawaii on two separate occasions, for both Domestic and Child Sexual Abuse."

Great Words of Advice

"We change the world, one soul at a time. We must never cease to speak out, or let ourselves be silenced by anyone, because our voices do make a difference. May you enjoy and be blessed, as our family has been, to live in this great community."

Marsha has truly helped those in prisons, recovery and rehab through her advocacy and support.  The Townships is very fortunate to have such a caring and involved leader in our community.  Thank you again for all you do Marsha and we hope you enjoy your Spotlight for September!

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