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Point Road Organic Yard Waste Site

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  1. Organic Recycling

Organic Yard Waste Drop-Off Facility Overview
The South Heidelberg Township Organic Yard Waste Drop-Off Site was funded using a PA DEP Act 101, Section 902 Recycling Grant.

South Heidelberg Township’s Organic Yard Waste Drop-off Site is located at Point Road (on Moyer Nissan Side of Route 422). The site is for use by registered citizens of South Heidelberg Township, Lower Heidelberg Township and the Borough of Wernersville, who have completed a registration form, signed all use agreements and received key access card. The site is NOT FOR CONTRACTOR USE even if the contractor is conducting work on the property of a citizen or if the contractor is a citizen. Signs are posted directing motorists to the appropriate drop-off area for these materials.

Organic Yard Waste Site Hours
The facility hours are:

April 1 thru October 31: 7 :00 AM to 8:00 PM Daily.
November 1 thru March 31: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Daily

Acceptable Organic Yard Waste
The site accepts organic yard waste to include: leaves, grass clippings, garden residue, tree trimmings, chipped shrubbery, etc. (No other type of recyclables or any other materials will be accepted at this location.) Dropping off any materials outside of these hours or along the fence line constitutes illegal dumping and is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted

Organic Yard Waste Drop-Off Facility Registration Information
In, May 2020, the South Heidelberg Township Board of Supervisors voted to institute several changes to improve the operation of the Township’s yard waste site to include educating our citizens on its use and providing security and access improvements. These changes are instituted to eliminate improper use, ensure citizens/taxpayers (not contractors) can use the site and save taxpayer dollars through reduced costs to operate the site.

Obtaining an Access Key Card to Use the Site
To obtain a access key card to use the site you must download the Organic Yard Waste Packet and return the packet with all forms signed along with a check made out to South Heidelberg Township in the amount of $20.00.