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Vacation/Security Check

  1. Please take or fax to:
    South Heidelberg Township Police Department
    555A Mountain Home Road
    Sinking Spring, PA 19608
    Fax: 610-678-5056
  2. Type of Premise
  3. Have the keys been left with someone?
  4. Is this premise alarmed?
  5. Will anyone have access to the premises during your absence?
  6. Disclaimer/Waiver
    The vacation check does not guarantee that a burglary or other crime will not occur at the residence, and it is only intended to be a request for the officer to check the home periodically, based upon the availability of the officer. Consequently, it is recommended that you make every effort to safeguard against losses including securing of high-value property, proper locking devices, alarm systems, etc. No vacation checks while the homeowner is gone from the home are guaranteed. No further police response or protection is being guaranteed by the vacation check other than the normal police service and protection, which is provided to the general public.
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